Srsly... I mean... FOR REAL? nowai!

I'm unable to stop myself from posting this insightful article I found this morning over my meandering at's wonderfully useful sidepanel of links galore. Adbuster's 79th cover issue article "Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civiization" has all the printed hoodies in america up in arms. The comments section towards the bottom is at a staggering 650+ comments since its publishing only about a week ago. I recommend everyone that claims to be even at least remotely aware of THE OUTSIDE WORLD to read this article.

I don't even like the ADbuster's publication. It's usually hypocritical rhetoric on the evil of corporations and the brainwashing of the media, and the way they get the point across is through subliminal ADS, clever MARKETING tricks and not to mention all the PRODUCTS they manufacture and pander to suggestable activist wannabes..... but thats another story.

Like I said, if you consider yourself an engaging member of contemporary society, including but not limited to acts such as Poping SpiderPussies off your Backdoor Bambies then  READ THIS ARTICLE!


FINE, DON'T READ IT, I'll do the hard part for you (clicking a link) and force feed you the major points of the article: in extended

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