Gallery: Wynwood Second Saturdays w/ Freegums, Hexagon and Diet Gallery

Last night was pretty fucking insane. The parties were great even if the turnouts weren't stellar. Poplife at White Room was packed! I mean it was impossible to move and the line for the girls' bathroom was about a 30-minute wait. Bronques of did make an appearance, and I took my opportunity to chat with him. He's a super nice guy and seemed pretty happy to be documenting Miami's Downtown scene, probably because his last few Miami galleries have all been in and around South Beach. I told him I was glad he was back to doing what he did best: taking pictures of camera-obsessed hipsters. He did take quite a few pictures of me, some of which in ordered me to look angry, which isn't hard for me to do, people are always pissing me off. Another where me and my friend Berna posed, er, well, I guess you could call it seductively.

Oh and word to the wise, a cardigan paired up with Miami humid does not equal fun times not matter how good you look. I learned that last night.

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