Emerging Artist Profile: Aisha Blakey

I first had the privilege of meeting artist/sculptor Aisha Blakey close to 5 years ago. In that time I have come to regard her as one of the most honest, unique, and talented people I've met. When she isn't holding down the fort at Kid Robot, she spends her time sculpting. Her recent shows at Micheal Perez Art Gallery in Midtown have garnered numerous fans, and most recently sold her notable installation sculpture "56B". Aisha is a home grown artist who majored in Sculpture at the University of Florida.  I recently sat down with her to get some perspective on her work and perspective. See our Q&A session below the fold!

Q: What inspires you?
A: I'm inspired by everyday life and the things we accept as the norm.

Q: What made you chose a specific medium?
A: I actually work with a variety of media. I love learning about different processes and experimenting with the capabilities of a media. I'll use anything to make the idea work.

Q: How do you find inspiration?
 A: Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, it finds me. Ideas for artworks pop into my head all the time. I just filter out the mess and try to develop ideas that seem worth it.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of art?
 A: The conversation between the viewer and the artwork. When I make something and put it out there, viewer reaction is integral in molding what I make next.

Q: Who inspired you to be an artist?
A: No one specifically. I have been lucky enough to learn with a handful of great art teachers and professors that have influenced me to be the artist I am now. I never thought I would study design, let alone sculpture.

Q; What do you put in your art that represents you?
 A: Mostly my love for cartoons and craft.

Q; Do you try to make a statement with your art?
 A: Not a statement as much as a conversation. This is my way of making my point, but I'd love my art to inspire others.

Q: Are there any beliefs you have that show through your art?
A: They may show but I hope they dont shine. I really like the viewer to fill in some blanks.

Q:  What's your favorite color? 
A:  Officially,red. but sometimes it changes a little, because while I generally like red in all hues, some times other colors; usually purples, teals, and yellow/oranges, in a certain hue beat red. 

Q: What challenges does an artist face in the Miami market?
A:  I cant speak for everyone, but as someone in the begining of her art career, I feel there is less of a collective attitude and more of a name on the list, big awesome event, attitude. I just think it stems from the fact that the one big art event we host is a big sell off of great art versus a big showing of great art.

Q:  What benefits do artists have in Miami as opposed to other cities?
A:  Our art scene is still burgeoning while others are very established. So while we might not get the most infamous art shows, you still see people showing that might not get any attention in another city.

Q:  What opinion, if any, do you have on artist collectives?
A:  I want more.

Q:  What is your favorite place to eat?
A:  Now comes the hardest question of my life, I love to eat. I'm from miami, so of course my favorite places to eat are my family and friends houses, but Jamaica Kitchen is a great runner up to any jamaican chinese food I eat at home (plus my uncle owns the place). But lately I've been getting into some laid back places in the design district like the bueno vista bistro and lemoni.

Q:  What is your favorite place to dance?
A:  Anywhere playing music! But I frequent Vagabond and Purdy.

Q:  Favorite watering hole?
A:  Hehe, anywhere that serves drinks. But once again, I'm often at the abby, the bar, and when I want to go out but be laid back, bar.


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