Coming Soon: Aero Bar

It seems like the area near Collins Park is soon going to give the rest of South Beach a run for its money. What was just considered the fringes of its trendy southern neighbor, it is becoming a hotspot in its own right. Mokai was the first to come along and proved that if you could conceive a hip-enough spot people would leave the Washington Avenue strip.

Now a new venue hopes to continue that trend. Aero Bar, expected to open March or April 2008, hopes to bring the Miami clubbing experience into the 21st century. It is being described as a contemporary multimedia and entertainment lounge, a sort of "Alice in Wonderland meets the Jetsons" (their words, not mine). The 5,000-square-foot venue will have two distinct rooms with their own style of music.

Who is behind this project you say? None other than nightlife veterans Tony Guerra (Living Room, Opium Garden, crobar, Amika) and Joseph Boyd. And in case you are wondering, the exact location of the venue is 247 23rd Street, Miami Beach, right next to Mokai.

Can't say I'm not intrigued. When a press release uses words like "out of this world", "Jetsons" and "round" there has got to be something to it. I wonder if its going to be anything like Toronto's Circa, which according to my roommate and her Canuck boyfriend is a sort of multimedia/interactive experience in a club setting. 

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