Celebration status Thursday

Ready to put on your fair weather Heat fan outfit and celebrate Lebron James' decision?! Here are some suggestions:

Matthias Tanzmann from Berlin at Electric Pickle. Wait, stop, I know what you're thinking: when did Mr. Tarkanian, the boss from hell start DJing?! But no, this is a different consonant-strewn foreigner. You can catch him on Youtube doing his international thing - it's housey, techy, fun. And the party is only $5.

Crystal Cadillac at Rokbar. This local-for-now band seemingly came out of nowhere and has played just about everywhere lately. Check them out tonight and bring along some of your transsexual friends because it's open bar for feeeemales from 11-12.

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Nightclubs: Rokbar
Nightclubs: Electric Pickle