Aaand we're back, mostly

Well, that was oddly refreshing. Have you ever heard the term "pearls before swine?" I hadn't either, but my bored-looking psychiatrist told me to read a lot of books to get my mind off of things and I that's where I got it from. I got tired, really really tired, of being a participant in the useless echo chamber of Miami's nightlife scene. Talking about something gives it credibility and we were doing a lot of talking about things that weren't credible (and definitely weren't incredible). It was eating away at my soul, which was already really tiny and crusty and black, and I needed a break.

To my surprise no one rushed in to fill the void. The big media outlets tried hard to look indie and unique but, like so many pretentious experiments in this city, it's painful to watch.

So welcome back to Miami Nights. Our new focus is being less commercial, less caring, and less polite than before -- if that's even possible. Enjoy.

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